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Jacks and Cylinders
Jacks and Cylinders
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Jacks and Cylinders

The assortment of the catalog is industrial, universal, cargo, pulling, low, etc. jacks, both with spring and hydraulic return. The production of this equipment takes place in compliance with all the standards of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, so it meets the highest requirements.
Jacks and Cylinders
Hydraulic Jacks and Cylinders
  • Universal double-sided hydraulic jack
  • Universal one-way hydraulic jack
  • One-way hydraulic cargo jack
  • Double-sided hydraulic cargo jack
  • Hydraulic power cylinder
  • Hydraulic cargo jack with locking nut
  • Hydraulic aluminum jack
  • Hydraulic cargo aluminum jack with locking nut
  • Hydraulic aluminum jack with hydraulic return
  • Hydraulic cylinders with eyelets
  • Hydraulic low jack
  • Hydraulic jack medium single-acting
  • Hydraulic pulling jack
  • Jack with low pick-up autonomous
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