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Small mechanization tool
Small mechanization tool
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Small mechanization tool

A rotary manifold is a rotary joint (or hinge) used to transfer fluid (under pressure or in vacuum) from a stationary inlet channel to rotating out...
On the pages of this section, the accessories necessary for the operation of various hydraulic equipment are presented: jacks, pullers, pumps, pump...
Special equipment
Easy-to-use and maintenance equipment for the production of slings is in high demand at enterprises of various industries. These products are focus...
This section presents equipment for lifting and moving goods, which is indispensable, in particular, when carrying out warehouse work.
Wrenches and Pipe bends
This type of equipment is often used in the installation of water pipes, heat supply pipes, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, as well a...
Cutting tool
Cutting tool for cutting cables, cables, ropes, rods, corners, as well as removing nuts.
Hydraulic presses are designed for pressing, pressing, straightening and bending parts, testing hydraulic and mechanical jacks.
The rescue tool is designed for emergency rescue, repair and construction, installation and dismantling, as well as special works.
Hydraulic pumping station (oil station, hydro station) - equipment for controlling the working fluid in an industrial tool with a hydraulic drive. ...
Hand and foot pumps are a reliable pressure source for hydraulic tools, independent of an external power source. Designed to work with one-way and ...
This section of the catalog presents hydraulic and mechanical pullers: universal, screw-driven, with centering and gripping drive, designed for dis...
Jacks and Cylinders
The assortment of the catalog is industrial, universal, cargo, pulling, low, etc. jacks, both with spring and hydraulic return. The production of t...
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