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Special equipment
Special equipment
project objective

Special equipment

Easy-to-use and maintenance equipment for the production of slings is in high demand at enterprises of various industries. These products are focused on intensive use and harsh operating conditions.
Special equipment
Special equipment and tools
  • Installations for moving heavy equipment on rails (hydraulic pushers)
  • Hydraulic installations for trenchless pipe laying (UG600T)
  • Hydraulic installations for trenchless laying of underground utilities
  • Reinforcement rope tensioner
  • Overclockers of flange connections
  • Lifting lifts for inspection pits
  • Decompression wedges
  • Spring balancers
  • Hydraulic modular frame installations for ground puncture (UGRM)
  • Mobile and stationary complexes for pumping liquids and conducting emergency work
  • A set of equipment for lifting mining excavators KOP4-100
  • A set of equipment for lifting dump trucks KOP1-50
  • KOP2-50 for lifting quarry dump trucks during assembly work at the assembly site
  • Finger track presser
  • Connecting rod finger pullers
  • Electric motor pulley pullers
  • Crank release
  • Oil injector
  • Installation for testing geophysical equipment
  • System for pre-pressing windings of power transformers
  • Power cylinder for tension of beam reinforcement
  • Supercharger of high-viscosity materials NRG-70VM1
  • Hydraulic installation for moving heavy loads
  • Installations for braiding slings
  • Installations for testing slings
  • Crimping of slings
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