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project objective


R070 has the best indicator in width, thanks to which it performs work inside narrow rooms.

R070 has the best indicator in width, thanks to which it performs work inside narrow rooms. For the convenience of working in cramped conditions, the placement of outriggers is possible at an angle of 900, 1350 and 1800. And equipped with an electric motor allows you to safely use the P070 inside buildings.

Protection of all hydraulic cylinders is included as standard. Optionally, a choice of control range and track material is possible.

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Remote control
It is controlled remotely by one operator using a remote control. The operator can be at a distance of up to 1.5 km from the robot thanks to portable communication antennas. If it is necessary to control more than 300 meters, the R070 is equipped with four FullHD video cameras.
Working in radiation-dirty environments
For operation in radiation-dirty environments, the R070 is supplied in a radiation-resistant design with full protection of electrical components. At operating temperatures above 50 degrees, we recommend equipping the R070 with a package of thermal protection options.
After-sales service
Ltd MGK "INTEHROS" - provides maintenance of RK, IRK and RTS throughout the entire cycle of operation. "ROIN" R 070 is a Russian development that guarantees efficiency and convenience during maintenance and repair.
Work in hard-to-reach places
Due to its dimensions, the R070 is used in the mining, nuclear and metallurgical industries. The ROIN is actively used with a high-frequency hydraulic hammer, providing fast and safe disassembly. A separately located power unit allows you to modify the platform for transport tasks or for cleaning wood and bush vegetation.
технические характеристики
  • Recommended weight of attachments, kg
  • Maximum boom reach, m
  • Maximum lifting height, m
  • Maximum lowering depth, m
  • Hydraulic pump drive
  • Length, mm
  • Width, mm
  • Height, mm
  • 01
    Combined move
    a device with which it is possible to move along railway  rails
  • 02
    Radiation resistant design
    The maximum possible level of radiation
  • 03
    Video cameras
    heat-resistant, explosion-proof, radiation resistant
  • 04
    Control range
    up to 300 m, up to 1 km, up to 3 km
  • 05
    Choice of caterpillar material
    steel chassis, steel with rubber, rubber
  • 06
    Diesel engine and electric enginе
    Based on the customer's requirements
  • 07
    Thermal protection
    At operating temperatures above 50 degrees, we recommend equipping with a thermal protection package
Список навесного оборудования:
  • hydraulic hammer
  • drilling rig
  • concrete break
  • rotary milling cutter
  • rotary grip
  • universal grip
  • metal scissors
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