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Krasnodonskaya street, 18 B
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project objective
With the help of the NPU 020 installed on the excavator E195ARH, perform earthmoving work designed for the development of pits, trenches, loading and unloading of soils, bulk materials, loosened rocks and frozen soils, as well as performing other works.


Description and technical specifications
The tilt-and-turn device is a mechanism installed at the attachment point of the standard bucket, designed to simplify the work and increase the productivity of the excavator with the possibility of unlimited 360° rotation and the ability to be fixed in various planes with an inclination of up to 40°. This mechanism has an integrated quick-change mechanism that turns the basic machine into a universally equipped complex capable of performing work of any complexity and in hard-to-reach places. The change of each type of working equipment ordered separately takes place in a matter of minutes, while the operator does not need to leave the cabin.
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